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Diffuser Refill - Lamorna

Sale price$24.00

We know how long our diffusers last, but we also know how popular they are by the amount of you asking for refills. We've got a bottle of fragrance and a new bunch of reeds for you, this will last you a minimum of 6 months and in many cases up to nine. You can reuse your existing bone china jug & lid and just refresh with the new reeds. Remember to turn your reeds everyday to get the best out of them & fill your room with this beautiful fragrance.

Our Lamorna fragrance captures the essence of the mystical Lamorna cove, located in the far southwest of Cornwall. this intoxicating blend contrasts fresh sea sprays with masculine wood notes and amber musk.  It's no wonder that Lamorna is our most popular fragrance - it's warm, fresh, and loved by everyone.

Bottle of Lamorna room diffuser oil with octopus design on the label, sitting on a wooden block with the diffuser reeds laying jut to the side, and a vase of soft coloured flowers sitting behind.
Diffuser Refill - Lamorna Sale price$24.00