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Room Diffusers

You'll love our luxury scented room diffusers for their ambience, decor and aromatherapy. With a scent that lasts up to six months, our unique diffusers are the perfect way to fragrance your house all day long. 

A Sailor's Story Reed DiffuserA Sailor's Story Reed Diffuser
Beachcomber Reed DiffuserBeachcomber Reed Diffuser
Reef Reed DiffuserBone china room diffuser in a small jug with colourful octopus, coral and seaweed design sitting on a 2 pink books against and tea blue wall with the sunlight reflecting a potted orchid on the wall behind.
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Reef Reed Diffuser Sale price$46.00
Storm Brewing Reed DiffuserStorm Brewing Reed Diffuser -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
Stargazey Reed DiffuserStargazey Reed Diffuser -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
Lamorna Reed DiffuserLamorna Reed Diffuser -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
Fistral Reed DiffuserFistral Reed Diffuser -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
Diffuser Refills -Accessories- Cream CornwallDiffuser Refills -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
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Diffuser Refills Sale price$20.00

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