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Article: How To Create The Perfect Coral Reef Tablescape

Tablescape With Coral Rays & Reef Collections

How To Create The Perfect Coral Reef Tablescape

This boldly coloured tablescape will look good at any time of year and if you like bright colours, then this is the look for you. Based around our Coral Rays table linen, it’s a simple, colourful and fun look to achieve.  

We’ve also made a list at the end of the blog of what we bought, the colour spray paints we used and where to buy them from; so let’s get to it!   

You can watch a video of us creating the beautiful table here. 

How to dress your table 

We began by hanging our paper decorations on the wall around the table. You could also hang them above the table, in one big group, if you can’t do the walls. These really set the scene! 

Then, we used a white piece of linen for our base cloth, if you don’t have a tablecloth, a sheet will do or buy some wide, white lining.  

Next, we added the Coral Rays table runner and placemats 

Our centrepiece is a giant resin clam shellWe filled it with pineapples, mangoes and limes, for a really tropical feel. We put this in the middle of the table and either side of the clam shell, we placed a battery-operated birch twig tree with lights that we spray painted to match our theme. 


We didn’t bother masking off the lights on the ends of the branches as they give a lovely warm glow with the paint on them! We then hung a selection of our coastal Christmas decorations on them, but these decorations are so perfect, we think that you could use them all year round. 

To highlight the colours, we bought some wooden candleholders in Hobbycraft and sprayed three of each in turquoise, coral and the orange tone of red. We teamed these up with our candles in aqua, orange and fuschia. 

To find out more about making these items you can view our video how-to on youtube. 

We chose our reef bone china for this tablescape as the colours are perfect.  

To add structure to the bold look, the dinner plate, side plate and smaller bowl were all stacked to the left of the placemat. We only put the pasta bowl on top of the placemat as we didn’t want to cover up too much of the lovely illustrations.  

We used our set of four Coral Rays napkins, each one is a different seaweed in delicious colours, hot pinks and reds, turquoises, and orange.  

We laid them flat and folded the edges in to meet. This way you get to see more of the design. They were put with the top just under the plate with the bulk of the napkin hanging down.  

Our underwater glasses are perfect for this theme, we used the tumblers and the goblets. They are in four shades of blue through to aqua and have raised coral, seahorses, and scallop shells on them. Great for any coastal theme.  

For the final creative touches, we used the same colours as the candle holders to spray some starfish, knobbly ones and five finger which we scattered across the table, amongst the tropical fruit and we stuck a knobbly starfish on each candle holder.  

And there we are, the perfect coral reef tablescape. 

Items We Bought Elsewhere

 Paper Decorations - Pom Pom Style

Paper Decorations - Starbursts

Paper Decorations - Aqua

Paper Decorations - Yellow

Birch Twig Trees 

Red Orange Spray Paint

Liquitex Spray Paint - Phthalocyanine Green Colour 

Montana Spray Paint - Sushi Colour 

Wooden Candle Holders 

Starfish and Shapes For The Table

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