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Treat yourself or someone special with our collection of hand made Cornish body care, block printed toiletry bags and gorgeous dressing gowns. 
Azure Paisley dressing gown which is Hand block printed fabric in a soft blue  on a hanger in front of blue cupboards.Azure Paisley Shell  dressing gown which is Hand block printed fabric in a soft blue and the print is swirling shells and tendrils in white.Placed on a bed with a white cover with occasional bright flowers.
Tubular shaped cosmetic bags with Summer Skies Coraline design,medium and small placed on a shelf placed over the bath.on the shelf is a body brush and coral candle holder.Behind is the window ledge and a starfish leaning against itTubular shaped cosmetic bag with Summer Skies Coraline design,the larger one placed behind the smaller one.
Shell Seeker Bath MilkShell Seeker Bath Milk
Shell Seeker Bath SaltsShell Seeker Bath Salts
Beachcomber Hand and Body LotionBeachcomber Hand and Body Lotion
Sold outBeachcomber Hand and Body WashBeachcomber Hand and Body Wash
4 Mini Soaps In Gift Box-seahorse,shell,starfish and fish shaped soaps4 Mini Soaps In Gift Box -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
Soap - Shells & Starfish -Soap- Cream CornwallSoap - Shells & Starfish -Soap- Cream Cornwall
Atlantic Blue Coraline Toiletry BagAtlantic Blue Coraline Toiletry Bag
Turquoise Seaside Flower Toiletry BagTurquoise Seaside Flower Toiletry Bag
Turquoise & White Seahorse Cameo Toiletry BagTurquoise & White Seahorse Cameo Toiletry Bag

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