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Article: How to style your bedroom cushions

How to style your bedroom cushions

How to style your bedroom cushions

Unlike our living areas, which are seen a lot when we entertain guests, our bedrooms are not often on show. They’re a very personal space, it’s where you spend your time relaxing and winding down, so it’s only right that how they’re styled and the feel that’s created reflects YOU. 

The bed in the main focal point in all bedrooms. You can spend time choosing the comfiest mattress, the cosiest duvet and a gorgeous looking headboard, but how the bed is dressed makes all the difference. And let’s face it: there’s nothing better than walking into your room and seeing that plump fully made bed looking ready to jump into!
Beachcomber cushions
So we’d like to share some of the different ways we’d recommend you style the cushions on your bed. There really is a look for everyone, whether you’re minimalist or more maximalist. In each of these looks we’ve used our 45cm square cushions in a mixture of ticking stripe, velvet and patterned linen designs. 
One rule of thumb we always abide by at Cream is buying feather inners for your cushions! They make all the difference in taking your cushions from looking limp and a little sad to plump and ready to snuggle into.
Minimalist look
This look is perfect if you prefer a more paired back look! It uses two matching velvet cushions at the back and one complementary, patterned linen one at the front. It draws attention to the front cushions' design, so make sure you choose one that you love!
Palette Play

Palette Play

Here an odd number of cushions have been used to create an unsymmetrical look and each cushion is a different pattern and colour. So, you’d think the cushions would fight each other, but the reason they don’t is because their colours are used in the patterned cushion. One cushion is plain, one has a small pattern repeat and the other a large repeat but because they come from the same colour palette, they tone together perfectly.


This is one of the most popular and ‘safest’ looks and is one that you’ve probably come across in many small hotels or B and B’s. In this scheme both back cushions match and the two front are a similar design. A mirror image is created down the middle of the bed, which is very pleasing to the eye and if you’re someone who likes a clean, tidy look in your home then this look is perfect for you! 

Mix it upMix It Up

In this look we’ve placed four cushions across the back and two at the front. There are four different cushion designs in this look, but they don’t clash as although the patterns and fabrics aren't the same, they all use the same colour palette which here, is taken from our Saltwater cushion.

TrioThe Trio

This look is slightly more relaxed, the cushions are made to look like they’ve been placed on the bed in no particular order. There’s no real symmetry but because both of the outer cushions are the same fabric it creates a cohesion to the look!

Luxury hotel lookLuxury ‘Hotel’ Style

This look uses the most amount of cushions which is why it’s a more luxurious arrangement. But, if you’re reading this, then you probably love cushions! If you find yourself returning from most shopping trips with a cushion or five then this look is perfect for you.

Mid Focal PointCreating A Focal Point

If there’s one cushion you own that you particularly love and want to be the main focal point of the room, then this arrangement is great. Placing three cushions across the back of the bed gives the scheme some depth, here we’ve used two matching ticking stripes on the end and a contrasting plan velvet in the middle. The star of this scheme is the Shellseeker cushion and placing it in front of the plain orange velvet makes it stand out against the bed linen and catches your eye immediately!

 Have a go at home, try out a couple of looks and see which suits your personality the best. Please show us your creations and share them with us @creamcornwall.

Click here to shop all of the cushions we used in each look.

Happy Plumping!

Cream X

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