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Article: How to re-use our candle votives

How to re-use our candle votives

How to re-use our candle votives

Our scented candles are one of our personal favourites here at Cream. We spent a lot of time creating each scent and are really proud of how gorgeous and unique each fragrance is. 

There are a few great things about them! Like the fact they have an extremely long burn of up to 50 hours and they have 10% of pure fragrance, which is way above the average for a scented candle. But, one of the best things, is that the blue and white bone china votives, which are decorated with our iconic Sea-Creatures, are re-usable!

Once the candle has burnt through, give the votive a little wash and you can use it for all sorts of things!

We’d like to show you five examples of really handy ways you can re-use them in and around your home! 
Toothbrush holder
1. Toothbrush Holder

Once empty, the votives are the perfect height for your toothbrush! The bone china beakers are small enough to either sit beside your sink or on your bathroom window sill and hold your brushes. They’re easily wiped and washed and we think the gorgeous blue and white designs will really add some style to your bathroom!

Vase votive

2. A Vase

Blue and white compliments almost any colour, so these beakers make great vases for your favourite flowers! They’re the perfect size for a small arrangement in the middle of a dinner table, but also look great on a window sill or side table in any room at home.

The Sea-creature designs add extra interest to the vase, making these little floral displays so eye catching.

Beauty Brush Holder

3. Beauty Brush Holder

Many of us that use make-up find brushes, emery boards and mascara sticks spread between different bags and rooms of the house! Well, these empty votives are the perfect pots to make sure all of your beauty tools are kept in one place! Display them on your dressing table and feel super organised. They’re really easy to style with other decorative accessories you might have on your dressing table, we’ve used a couple of our little ceramic corals here.

Painting votive

4. Art Pot

Keep all of your paint brushes and watercolours in one place and use these unique little votives as an art pot! Perfect for pens, paints, brushes and other stationary. The bone china is easily cleaned and having one of these stunning Sea-creatures to look at on your desk will definitely give you the inspiration to create that masterpiece! 

Late votive

5. Latte Cup

Our fifth and final suggestion for how to use our votives is probably one of our favourites! 

If you’re a latte lover, take the votive to your usual coffee shop in town, or by the beach, and ask them to make your coffee in it. 

These votives don’t have handles, so we wouldn’t recommend doing this with hotter coffees without milk! But for a latte they work perfectly as a re-usable cup. Or, if you fancy yourself as a barista, enjoy a cuppa from the comfort of your own home!

Lots of people feel reluctant to burn candles as once the wax has burnt through they’re gone forever! But as these votives are so versatile, they can be re-used for life once your candle has gone AND you can always buy another candle ;)

Watch our video of each different use in action below! 

And if you find another unique way to use them, please let us know and share it with us @ creamcornwall #creamcornwall



Bought one of your lovely candles yesterday
Love it
Can you refill it when it is finished ???

Gail smith

Beautiful designs. Everything well made and good value. Great service even help with choosing the right size. Lampshade for your lamp if unsure. Recommend


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