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Article: How to dry Hydrangeas

How to dry Hydrangeas
autumn flowers

How to dry Hydrangeas

We think hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful blooms! Their big, colourful heads fill any jug or vase perfectly. In Cornwall, there are so many out on display at the moment, whether it’s in people’s gardens, along hedge-rows or on coastal walks.

Hydrangeas on bush

September to October is the perfect time to dry hydrangeas as their petals are just starting to turn brown. Drying them means you get to preserve a little bit of summer in your home, and It's so lovely to watch the leaves slowly turn that vintage, tea-bag beige, just in time for autumn/winter!
You might think that drying hydrangeas sounds like a lengthy process... but it’s actually very simple, enjoyable and effortless!
Hydrangeas in sink
Just follow our simple instructions in this video here or read the steps below:
  • Allow the blooms to first dry naturally on the plant (August-October). They’re ready when the petals look a little more vintage and the flowers feel more papery.

Small hydrangea in vase

  • Snip the stems at around 12-18 inches long, but at varied heights, this makes them easier to group together later.
  • Snip off all the leaves from the stems

Hydrangeas drying out on shelf

  • Fill a vase or jar with about 2-3 inches of water and pop them in but make sure you don’t overcrowd the vase. As the water evaporates, the hydrangea blooms will start drying naturally. 

Hydrangeas hanging on bed

  • They also look fab hung upside down, so if you’ve got a cool dry room at home, out of direct sunlight, you can also dry them this way. 
  • Whether you decide to leave them in water, or hang them upside down, the drying process usually takes a total of 2-3 weeks (An easy way to know if they’re ready is that the stems should snap off easily.)
Whatever method you use, you can plan to replace your dried flowers every year, that’s how long they last (at least!) So each September/October it’s time for the next batch to be snipped. 
If you don’t have access to wild hydrangeas, or your own, then what better excuse to treat yourself to a bouquet from the local florist!

Long dried hydrangea stems

(This tall neck Glass Vase of ours is perfect if you prefer the elegant longer stem look)
These vintage looking hydrangeas are so easy to style with and instantly make any shelf, table or window sill you place them on feel more cosy and lived-in!

Dried hydrangea stems web ready

(This shorter, Bubble Vase has a gorgeous vintage look and is perfect for medium length stems)

They’re the epitome of ‘cottage core,’ which is a very popular trend at the moment. It celebrates the cottage lifestyle of gathering from outdoors and using it to create something beautiful or delicious with it inside!

Dried short hydrangea in blue and white jug

(If you prefer the shorter look, try one of our medium Blue and White Jugs, they give such a classic, country look)
Give it a go yourself and please share with us how you get on!

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