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Article: Get Ship Shape for Easter - Simple ideas for your home

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Get Ship Shape for Easter - Simple ideas for your home

We’ve all heard of the religious tradition of staying away from meat on Good Friday, opting for the lighter option of fish instead. Proudly based in Cornwall, we require no persuading to tuck into a hearty portion of fish and chips on a regular basis, but we thought we’d take things one step further this Good Friday and bring the fish tradition into our homes in other ways: through home décor of course! It is our speciality after all…

This Easter weekend, we’re going to be leaving the cooking to the professionals, and instead want to share with you the many ways you can pay homage to our fishy friends throughout the festivities. From featuring them on your table (giving a whole new meaning to “Dish of the Day!”) to adding coastal touches on the soft furnishings of your home, we believe that there’s no better time than spring to give your home a refresh!

Bon Appetit

You don’t have to be consuming fish to stay true to tradition this Good Friday: with our maritime collection of cookware and tableware, fish can be the star of the show from starters to dessert! From tablecloths and placemats to crockery and serving platters, featuring all manner of our ocean friends, our nautical collection of bone china dinnerware is the perfect accompaniment to your Good Friday supper. And trust us, you look good enough to eat!

 Bone China Classic Collection - Kitchen and Dining- Cream Cornwall Coastal Glasses- Kitchen and dining- Cream Cornwall

Keep Cosy

By Good Friday, spring should be in full-swing, but this is Britain after all, so it’s sensible to take some precautions against the inevitably incorrect weather forecast! Adding throws and cushions to your beds and sofas is a great way to keep cosy inside, but place them on your garden furniture and not only are you protected from the elements, you have a comfy and stylish patio to boot. What more could you want?!

Luxury Velvet Scallop Cushion - Homewares- Cream Cornwall  Luxury Velvet Seahorse Cushion-Homewares-Cream Cornwall

Let in the Light

Adding lighting fixtures and features around your home is the perfect way to add a warm ambience to your home, and with the added touch of our fishy friends, these fixtures become all the more appealing! Our collection of lampshades is the perfect way to add a subtle sea-inspired touch to your home, keeping it warm and cosy through the unpredictable weather.

Seahorse Lampshade-Homewares-Cream Cornwall  Luxury Rockpool Lampshade -Homewares-Cream Cornwall

Fill Blank Spaces

Blank spaces on the wall can really disrupt the theme of a room, breaking up colour schemes with white spaces that could be filled with beautiful things, and what’s more beautiful than nature itself, or at least a print of it! Our selection of prints match our homeware collections perfectly, filling in blank spaces around your home while maintaining a consistent theme. Less may not be more in this case: we simply adore a feature wall, so why not opt for a fishy wall instead?

Unique Illustrated Jellyfish Print-Homewares-Cream Cornwall  Octopus Hand Illustrated Print - Homewares-Cream Cornwall

As if there was ever any reason to doubt, we hope we have made a good case in proving to you the pleasure that comes from taking some “fin”-spiration and letting the ocean in to your home. You don’t need to go overboard (pun intended): a few simple touches here and there is enough to spruce things up, coastal style!

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