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Article: Forget Eggshells! This Easter, it's all about Seashells…

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Forget Eggshells! This Easter, it's all about Seashells…

Easter has always been a great excuse to celebrate the coming of spring and all that comes with it, from blossoming flowers to warmer breezes and everything in between. Eggs have always been a key feature of our Easter celebrations, representing the new life that comes part and parcel of the spring season, but this year, we think it’s time for a change...

We’re shaking things up this Easter by setting aside the eggshells and opting for the more elegant addition of seashells throughout our home. As loyal Cornwall dwellers, we may be slightly biased towards any nautical alternative in home décor, but we have plenty of reasons why! Here’s how you can reinvent your Easter while remaining true to the spirit of spring, by welcoming the coastal outdoors into your home. Forget the eggshells because this Easter, it’s all about seashells…

Decorative accessories- coastal sea polyps- cream cornwall

Organic Elegance

If the sickly-sweet pastels of Easter time aren’t quite your cup of tea, you can opt for the earthier, more natural tones that shells and ocean-inspired accessories can provide. Establishing a warm palette of creams and ivories, you have entire creative freedom to stick with this organic feel, or to add contrasting elements with brightly coloured adornments. In our humble opinion, adding blue and red elements always work well in giving that nautical feel!


Clean Conscience

Not only do the natural feel of our sea-inspired decorations provide a clean and fresh feel to your home, they keep your conscience clean as well, since they don’t exploit our oceans one little bit. Our wonderful range of coastal replicas are surprisingly “green” for their whitewashed appearance, being made entirely from sustainable materials that not only look real but feel it too.

Cream Cornwall Reef Resin Branch Decorative ItemsDecorative accessories-giant clam shell-cream cornwall

 Nooks and Crannies

The great thing about decorative accessories inspired by natural elements is that – like in nature – they come in all shapes and sizes. This means that our gorgeous range of seaside pieces are ideal for practically any blank space that you are trying to fill, however big or small. They work as great additions to shelves and bookcases, since they can fill empty spaces without adding bulk or hogging the limelight, as well as making wonderful adornments to coffee tables and worktops without creating clutter.



A wonderful element of the simplicity of seashells is their multifunctional nature. Many of them act as great receptacles or stands for other objects around the home. Our clam shells, for instance, act as great trinket dishes for your jewellery and accessories, while our natural white sea urchins make the perfect addition to existing displays, particularly in bon-bon or dome jars. However you decide to style your shells, one thing’s for sure – they will look shell-sational!


We hope you feel as inspired as we do to fill your home with stunning shells. The organic feel that they bring to your home simply cannot be achieved through any other means, and their multifunctionality makes them an ideal accompaniment in any room of the house. We might be a bit biased, but our range of ocean-inspired home accessories will surely freshen up your home, just in time for Easter!

Rebecca and Allison X      

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Thank you so muchfor the touraroud the Roseland Peninsular.
I have been visiting your wonderful Cornwall since yearly since 1974 when we had our Honeymoon down on the Lizard.
I an sitting here while I get over Covid infection and its been a lovely read.
I am backinCorneall atthe beginning of May and can hardly wait.
I hope to follow you walk.
How exciting to havea nre shop in Bath!
Wishing you every luck and happiness with your new Seashell adventure.
Katrina X

Katrina Hudson

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