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Bone China Cornish Harbour Scene Jugs

Sale price$24.00


Our coastal jugs pay tribute to the rich fishing heritage of our community by showcasing a quintessential Cornish harbour scene. The intricate design takes you on a journey back in time, where you can imagine the bustling port with fishing boats coming in and out of the harbor, and the salty scent of the sea in the air.

Whether you're enjoying a seaside picnic or hosting a dinner party, our beautifully illustrated coastal scene adds a touch of elegance and transports you straight to the ocean's edge. Crafted with exquisite bone china, these jugs are perfect for serving your favorite drinks or as decorative pieces for a coastal interior theme.

Available in three different sizes, our jugs make for versatile additions to your home decor. Use them as flower vases to display fresh blooms or as elegant serving jugs for your favourite drinks. These gorgeous jugs are a true reflection of our local coastal charm and are sure to impress your guests.


Three Bone China white Jugs with hand drawn illustration of our Harbourside scenes  in Navy.There are three sizes Large,Medium and the small
Bone China Cornish Harbour Scene Jugs Sale price$24.00