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Coming from design backgrounds in textiles and trend forecasting, and with over 50 years experience between us we had a very clear vision of what Cream Cornwall would look like and what our brand's principles would stand for.

We wanted to build a brand that wouldn't follow 'flash in the pan' trends, creating wasteful and pointless items, only to be thrown out a year later and replaced with another "on -trend" item.

At Cream, the key to everything we do is HERITAGE. We believe in the quality and longevity of all our products, classic pieces that will last a lifetime and become heritage pieces of the future. In fact we found it incredibly refreshing to be able to forget about what everyone else was doing and to focus just on the things that we love, and that's classic design, that's made to last. 

We love the fact we will always have our classic blue and white designs, a colour duo that will always be in fashion. No matter what other trends are being promoted by other brands, blue & white will always be fresh and relevant. We design new collections to sit along side existing collections, giving you the chance to add to your collection or simply update a corner of your home without the expense of a full make over.

Of course we love to design and create new products, and we know that you love to have them too, but we are always mindful that what we create are well designed products that are made to last and will become design classics.

Beautiful things, beautifully made.

This has always been our tag line and it really sums up what Cream is about.

Rebecca & Allison X