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Article: Your Fragranced Home

Your Fragranced Home

Your Fragranced Home

Scents have a legendary ability to transport us back to our earliest memories. We all have certain things, that when we smell them, can make us feel really emotional. That’s because, in very simplistic terms, the receptors in our nose send messages to our amygdala, our memory bank for emotional experiences.
Image of three of our long lasting scented room sprays

Smell is our most evocative sense and surrounding ourselves with perfume which makes us feel good, is something that is very easy to do. Not only does it make us feel good, it can also cover up smells that we don’t like so much, wet dog, [although a lot of people love this!], cooking or chemical smells from certain cleaning products.

From scented candles to diffusers, there are lots of options to use if you want to fragrance your home but each one has a different role to play and if you layer them, your home will always smell amazing.

Christmas room spray

 Room Diffusers

 I like to have a diffuser in every room. They are maintenance free, all you have to do is to remember to top the fragrance up once in a while and turn the reeds.

It creates an ambient layer of scent, one that isn’t ‘in your face’ but subtly scents the room. Our diffusers are made with a soy base, rather than one which has alcohol in it, which means that they don’t evaporate as quickly. They last for 6-7 months and then you can buy a refill, which also come with a spare set of reeds. They are so unique as you pour the fragrance into a beautiful bone china jug, which you keep refilling.
Storm Brewing Octopus Reed Diffuser in Blue and White Bone China

Reef room spray

 Scented candles

Everyone loves candles and I remember how Allison and I chose our fragrances when we first started Cream. There’s nothing more disappointing than lighting a candle and waiting for it to work its magic and still not being able to smell anything hours later, so we knew that we wanted the fragrance to fill the room. We were also very fussy about the perfume. We work with one of the UK’s top fragrance houses and tried upward of 60 different fragrances until we decided on our collection.

We made our samples and put one in every room of our houses, both asking anyone and everyone, what they thought. It was a fun time and well worth the effort.

Candles are perfect for creating an atmosphere, perhaps it’s something to do with the mesmerising quality from the flame, making us feel relaxed and calm.

We have candles burning in our studio, as it really makes a difference to the way we feel. I love to light a candle in the evenings when I get home from work or when I practise yoga. In the winter, as the evenings get darker, it cheers me up when I light the candles and see the flame dancing around.

We’ve all got different triggers, but I think we can all agree that a candle, preferably a scented one, is one of life’s little luxuries that is also very affordable.
Fistral Blue and white jellyfish bone china long lasting scented candle

Fragranced Room Spray

 The latest addition to our fragrance collection is our room spray. We are just a little bit in love with these, a few spritz’s and the room is transformed. You can control the level of perfume very easily and the perfume lingers for hours. We're just a little bit obsessed with these at the moment, as it's so quick to scent the room. We've started the collection with our Reef, Lamorna and Christmas fragrance, Nadelik Lowen. We'll be adding the others in the not too distant future.

Using the diffuser, candle and room spray will give you options depending on your mood, the time of day and what’s happening around you.
We have six fragrances in our classic blue and white collection, hand poured into our bone china votives using an eco-wax with a coconut and rapeseed mix.  Our candles are triple scented, meaning that we use the maximum amount of fragrance that the wax can hold, no wonder they smell so good.

With a burning time of fifty hours, our candles will give you days of fragrance. We love all our perfumes, but if we had to choose our favourite, Allison and I would both go for Stargazey, it is one of the first ones we did and it’s still so good! It’s a blend of spicy top notes of pink pepper, pomegranate and cardamon, with a heart of clove on an amber base, perfect for cosy nights in by the fire.

At Christmas we always go back to the fragrance we call Nadelik Lowen, which means Happy Christmas in Cornish. It really is the ultimate festive fragrance. We’ve tried lots of new samples every year, but nothing comes close to this. Citrus top notes of orange and lemon, followed by rich, warm cinnamon and clove with hints of floral jasmine, resting on an aromatic base of woods and musk. You will become as addicted to it as we are!

 We have also resurrected one of our original fragrances, Atlantic Breeze, this was the fragrance we had in the beaker decorated with our anchor. We always loved the perfume and it was a real favourite of yours, so when we introduced our Reef range, we knew exactly which fragrance we would use for it! If you think it smells familiar, it is!

It’s a clean, ozonic smell. It reminds me of walking along the cliff tops on a warm sunny day, with the sun on my back, looking at the pristine turquoise waters of the Atlantic.

What smell instantly takes you back to a time and place? We’d love to know. Let us know on our Cream Collective facebook page. If you're not a member then join us and also get exclusive early access to special offers! 

Lamorna Room Spray






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