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Article: Bringing life into everyday items - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

Bringing life into everyday items - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home
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Bringing life into everyday items - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

By ‘everyday’ items we mean those items that you use day in, day out, without a second thought. They might be looking tired or be over-used but you continue to use them just because it’s habit! Many of these items can be found in your kitchen. Mugs, teapots, tea towels and oven gloves are all examples of this. 
Reef Kitchen Linens
The average person in the UK drinks around 21 cups of tea a week!
That’s a lot of time to spend staring at and holding a mug that isn’t particularly beautiful or special to you. When you wake up in the morning and open the cupboard to get your mug out to make a cuppa, you should feel a little bit happier reaching out and grabbing one that has your favourite design on. Instead of owning 10 mugs that you no longer love, maybe they’re chipped or stained, buy 6 that are fabulous and will make your kitchen shelves sing.

You can re-cycle, donate or find a new use for older mugs, a nice idea is to break them up and create mosaics or drill a hole in the bottom and use them as mini plant pots!
Reef Mug
We love these Reef mugs of ours which come in a set of four and all have a different sea-creature design on. They’re great because no matter which side you look at them from there is always a beautiful coastal pattern to see.
Tea towels and oven gloves are used by us a lot. Most of the time we’re in a rush to get something in or out of the oven so we grab the nearest one to us, they need to be washed often as they end up with spillages on.
Our Reef tea towels are 100% cotton and can be washed at 40 degrees which means they’re great for removing any unwanted stains. Our oven gloves are made to EU standard and have a soft flannel lining to withstand the heat, so you don't need to play hot potato and jump around the kitchen! They can also be washed at 40 degrees. These kitchen linens are not only made well, they're also a great talking point as you dish up a meal; adding coastal fun to any kitchen!
Reef Tea towel
It’s not always practical to have white or beautiful kitchen linens but they do look great on display hanging against your oven or over a cupboard handle. We would suggest investing in some oven gloves and a tea towel or two that compliment the colours and theme your kitchen, even if you don’t use them everyday. They really can make a difference to the feel of the room and make it look so much smarter and cohesive. 
Reef Aga Covers
My mum has a pistachio coloured Aga at home and has our Reef Aga covers as well as a tea-towel and oven gloves displayed on it which match the colour of it perfectly. Aga covers aren't an essential, even if you do have an Aga! But they definitely help to smarten it up and keep each plate scratch free. They also look pretty stunning from above, just like looking down into an underwater world.
Reef Oven gloves
Not all of us have time to use a teapot each day, i’ll admit to being a tea-bag in the mug dunker! But a teapot is again another item which you can leave out on display when you’re not using it. Our Reef teapot design has so many different colours on it, so it's really easily to tie-in with your kitchen theme.
Reef Teapot
Have a go at home and start by changing up one of these items to see the difference it makes. Something we’ve learnt from spending so much time in our homes over the last couple of years is that small changes can really make a big difference to how we live and how we feel.
We now appreciate every little thing that puts a smile on our face so much more!

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I would like to purchase the reef collection oven gloves but they only come in a pack. When will they be able to buy separately please as I absolutely love range.


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