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Article: The Art of Tablescaping

The Art of Tablescaping

The Art of Tablescaping

Tablescaping is the art of creatively decorating your tabletop. In the past, this has been kept for special occasions such as weddings but during lockdown when we were all stuck at home re-discovering our culinary skills, the rituals of laying a table became more important. It became a way of expressing yourself creatively, and now that we can have people around for dinner again, sharing your talents with your guests. 

The most beautiful tablescapes are often made up of both bought and foraged items . Simple touches like greenery from the garden, shells from the beach and personalised place cards or hedgerow flowers are enough to create a special dining experience.

Here are our top tips to create beautiful tables. 

1. Work to a theme / Find your inspiration 

There are so many ways to be inspired. It could be a season, a colour, a place, someone’s favourite flower or an occasion. Valentine’s day, Easter and Christmas are all popular themes but there are so many more. Have a look on Pinterest as there are so many ideas there and you can create your own boards of things you like. Pick out elements that you want to create and then make a list of what you will need to create that look. 

2. Gather what you need 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be creative. Have a look at what you already have. A sheet makes a great tablecloth, use lots of jam jars filled with wildflowers, collect pinecones and spray them or shells from the beach. Invest in some good spray paints, one can goes a long way!  

Things you might need 

The basics:  

  • China 
  • Dishes 
  • Glasses 
  • Table linen 
  • Candles 
  • Candlesticks 
  • Flowers 
  • Garlands and branches 
The finishing touches:  
  • This can be anything that enhances your theme from shells, mirror tiles, pinecones, feathers and fruits.

3. Upcycle or Recycle 

This is your chance to really get creative. Gather empty jars or pots, some paint (we love spray paints especially metallic ones!), strings, different wools or beads and start decorating. Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for at home, visit your local charity shops or auctions and you will find all sorts of treasures that will be perfect for your table and won’t cost you a fortune. It’s great to match old with new, expensive with inexpensive. Perhaps there’s one bowl you must have and that becomes your centrepiece for the whole theme, then treat yourself. There are no limits on creativity! 

4. Colour And Pattern 

Colour is an easy way to create a theme for your tablescape. Choose a single colour for maximum impact or mix up with neon and brighter tones for a fun contemporary feel. The possibilities are endless. 

Always include plates and glasses with at least one colour in your theme. You can mix different patterns, but they should have a common thread which ties it all together and the best way to do this is with colour. If you don’t have one colour as a base for your tablescape it could end up looking disjointed. Use unique colour to make your tabletop pop!  

 5. Final tip 

It helps if you start with your centrepiece as everything else will follow from this. Start with any flowers, foliage, vases or serving dishes at the centre of your table. Don’t forget to leave space for the food!  Different heights are great, use candles and foliage throughout your tablescape to achieve this but don’t fill your table up so much that your guests can’t see one another across the table!

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