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Article: Our Top Wedding Gift Picks And How To Decorate Them

Our Top Wedding Gift Picks And How To Decorate Them
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Our Top Wedding Gift Picks And How To Decorate Them

Everyone knows someone whose wedding has been delayed/disrupted by the pandemic this year, but now that restrictions have eased, the summer wedding season has returned to normality and is definitely in full swing! 
I myself, actually got married two weeks ago, we did the ‘legal bit’ here in Cornwall and then our ring exchange and ceremony outside at my parents house in Berkshire, it was a really beautiful day and just amazing to see everyone enjoying themselves! I didn’t have a gift list and asked for contributions towards our home, but it got me thinking about how difficult it can be to buy wedding gifts for people’s homes, even if you know them really well! 
So, this week, we’ve put together our ‘Top Wedding Gift Picks’ and also show you creative ways to jazz them up, Cream Cornwall style!
(Please note, all shells used have been sustainably sourced by a reputable UK company)
Top Wedding Picks
These gifts we’ve chosen are all classic, timeless or collectables. They’re the sort of beautiful gifts that anyone would love to receive and that can easily be passed down in generations to come.

Our Timeless, Shiny Pewter 

Pewter Wedding Gift

What’s great about these detailed little pieces is depending on your budget, you can buy as many or as few as you like. They’re great to mix and match and there’s a variety of Sea-Creatures and Shells to choose from! They come in these really smart little boxes with our logo on, so are simple to gift wrap! Depending on the type of person you’re buying for, you can choose from bottle stoppers, can openers, condiment pots a set of beautiful napkin rings and much more.

Collectable Blue and White Bone China

Classic Bone China Wedding gift

Blue and white crockery is timeless and highly collectable, most people have at least one piece of it on their shelves at home and if they don’t, then now is a great time to start that collection! 

Our bone china is the perfect present for a home as it’s not only practical to eat and drink from, but it also looks great displayed on a wall or placed on a dresser or shelving unit. Gifting in sets of at least four works best as we have eight different Sea-Creatures included in the range so you want to make sure you gift a variety of them! We’ve chosen to wrap a set of four dinner plates and side plates for our wedding couple! If you’ve got a smaller budget, a couple of our gorgeous mugs or a jug is also a lovely present.


The Classic Sea-Urchin Jug

Se-Urchin Jug Wedding gift

This is probably the most popular jug we’ve ever sold! Whenever we get them in stock, they soon fly back out again! But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of stock at the moment.

They suit any interiors scheme, whether it’s paired back, eclectic or coastal. You can fill these beautiful, stroke-able, textured jugs with blousy blooms to make a big statement piece, use them as a drinks jug, or, just keep them empty and styled on a shelf amongst your other favourite ornaments.

      The Decoration Process

    We’ve used our gorgeous Sea-Creature tissue paper to wrap these gifts, its floating pattern is the perfect size to admire on any shaped present! We sell it in a pack of 10 sheets if you’d like to try this out at home. Our decorations, of course, had to be coastal inspired! So we’ve sprayed a mixture of sustainably sourced starfish and shells to add some glam. 


If you'd like to give these decs a go at home, here's how we did it:

PVA starfish

-.First of all we spread a thin layer of PVA glue over the starfish, as they’re softer than you’d think, and quite absorbent.

Spraying starfish

-When that had dried, we used a mixture of gold, metallic and colourful spray paints to coat them with. The shells have a harder, smooth finish so don’t need a coating of glue. Spray them in a well ventilated area and inside a cardboard box so you don't end up with a coating too!

Wedding gift decoration

-Using a drawing pin/needle, we carefully pierced a through hole in the Shells and Starfish and threaded through clear string.

Wedding gift decorations

-After each shell is threaded on, tie a little knot above it so the next one you thread is evenly spaced along the string.

You can use this method for any beautiful sea-treasures you fancy, we also used urchins, which were easy as they already have the little hole in the top! 

Wrapped weedding gift

Lastly, it’s time to attach your creation to the ribbon on your gift. Just pass the string under and over the top of the ribbon and tie a little knot. We've used colourful velvet ribbons which add a little luxury and a real POP against our tissue paper.

If you’ve got a wedding to attend this year and you use our gifting advice, please share with us what you buy and how you decorate it!

And of course, have a ball at the wedding!


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