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Article: How to Style The Cushions On Your Sofa

How to Style The Cushions On Your Sofa

How to Style The Cushions On Your Sofa

Second to our beds, our sofas are the pieces of furniture at home that we use the most...

Whether we’re sitting on them watching TV, reading a book, chatting with friends or having a little lie down and kip on them after a Sunday roast!

Making sure they’re as comfortable as they can be, as well as looking their best, is really important. When guests visit, the sitting room is usually where they will gravitate to and your sofa is the focal point of the room, so it needs to be looking fantastic!
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So, we’d like to show you three different ways you can style your sofa at home. We’ve based these looks on our three seater Falmouth sofa. For a three seater sofa, we would recommend using six cushions and for a two seater, at least four. 

In each look we’ve styled a mixture of our 45cm plain square velvet cushions with different combinations of our Beachcomber cushions. We’ve also chosen a woollen throw that compliments each scheme. Mixing linens, velvets and woollen throws on a sofa creates a layered and textured effect, making it look really inviting! This deep ink blue fabric that our sofa is upholstered in is the perfect base for many of our cushion designs, it replicates the sea to us, so is perfect for placing our coastal patterns on top of.

Manderley cushion styling

The first look we’ve created uses four of our reversible Manderley cushions. We’ve placed two cushions front facing, which shows off the beautiful pink scallop shell and little coral print. And two backwards facing, showcasing the stunning grey-blue mini scallop repeat of our Navron print.

These are placed symmetrically in each corner of the sofa, half in front of each other so both patterns are on view. To balance the cushion to sofa ratio, we’ve arranged two plain velvet cushions in the centre of the sofa, the orange velvet cushion picks out the colour of the little coral branches on each Manderley cushion and the blue velvet know as ‘Dive-In-Blue’ creates depth by adding another shade of blue to the look.

Finished off with one of our woollen Duck Egg blue throws, this scheme has texture to touch and depth in colour!


Shellseeker cushion styling

The next look we’ve created showcases the punchy pinks from our Shellseeker and Shoreline linen cushions. We’ve again used six cushions, the positioning of them mimics the first arrangement, but this time we’ve used three velvets and three linens. First of all we folded our Hot Pink throw down the middle of the sofa, the colour of this contrasts against the blue upholstery and compliments the printed cushions so well. We then placed the two dive-in-blue velvet cushions onto the corner ends of the sofa and arranged the Shellseeker cushions in front of them. Again, covering half of the front so the pattern can be seen.

For a pop of colour, in the centre of the sofa we arranged the Orange velvet cushion and teamed it with a Shoreline cushion. The difference between this look and the first is that we've used each velvet cushion as a base for our prints to pop out against. A lot of people are scared to use the colours orange and pink together, but we’re not! Our Beachcomber designs make it easy to do so as there’s a mixture of beautiful apricot oranges and pastel pinks to bright lipstick pinks that run through the shells and corals in these beautiful designs.

Rockpool cushion styling

The final look we’ve created is very serene and features the sort of glassy blues and greens you’d expect to see inside a rockpool on a sunny day! 

Unlike the other two schemes, here we’ve placed one cushion on each end of the sofa and concentrated the remaining four in the middle. There’s a stunning jade colour inside the whelk shell on these Rockpool cushions which is what we’ve coordinated the velvet cushions and throw with. To add a little more pattern and show the versatility of our Navron print, which backs the Manderley cushions; we’ve placed them behind each Rockpool cushion, half on show, which adds interest and the mini scallop pattern is in-keeping with the Rockpool theme. 

Unlike the other two looks, the pattern in this arrangement is concentrated in the middle of the sofa; but it still looks balanced because the colours from the Rockpool design are carried to the edge of the sofa using each Sea-Glass velvet cushion.

To see the styling of each Look in action and get inspired for your own home; have a little play of the video below which shows you how it’s done!


Have fun when styling your own sofa cushions! Just remember a few of these tips and you’ll do a great job:

  1. A sofa which is one colour or plain is easier to style with cushions than a patterned one.

  2. Use a mixture of textures to create depth and a cosy look

  3. Make sure your cushion to sofa ratio is correct, that they are equally spread over the sofa length.

  4. Mix plain cushions with patterned cushions

  5. Add a throw for extra comfort


Love Cream X

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