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Article: Things to do when visiting Bath

Things to Do in Bath City

Things to do when visiting Bath

Bath is a beautiful city in England that is known for its Roman baths, Georgian architecture, and cultural attractions.

Take the park and ride, or park in the centrally located Charlotte Street carpark to start your day. From here, walk to the Roman baths and take a tour or wander around enjoying the sights at your own pace. 
Roman baths, Bath
If you fancy a slice of quintessential British culture, you need only walk around the streets and admire the Georgian architecture! From the centre it’s only a short uphill walk to the famous Crescent - a brilliant photo op! If that hasn’t quite quenched your thirst for the arts, The Holbourne Museum never disappoints with its array of paintings and historic memorabilia. (It was also a filming location on the Netflix series Bridgerton - as well as a few other streets in Bath!)
Crescent, BathAt this point you'll probably be a bit peckish and you are spoilt for choice. Bath boasts a large array of eateries, whether you want to eat alfresco, stick to chain restaurants, or explore some independents - there’s something for everyone. We recommend Vino Vino Wine Bar for a glass of refreshing wine and some small plates - or Pintxo in the heart of Bath’s theatre district for some incredible spanish tapas; on a sunny day make sure to sit in the courtyard out the back for an authentic experience!

After lunch, do some shopping on Milsom Street. Be sure to stop by our Bath store and say hi. We'd love to see you! Next door, you'll find the beautiful independent boutique ‘Portman’ for a fabulous new dress or unique accessory.

Just a short walk from the Holbourne Museum is Bath Boating Station. On a sunny day you can hire a row boat and explore the River Avon - travel about 45 minutes east and you’ll come across the Bathhampton Mill - a gorgeous country pub with moorings to tie your boat to, where you can pop in for a cold refreshing beverage. On a particularly hot day it’s a popular spot for wild swimming - so take a dip if you’re brave enough!

This is just a suggested itinerary; there are many other things to see and do in Bath, so explore and enjoy!

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