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Article: Five minutes with Sophie Price

Interview with Sophie Price=Mother's Day-Cream Cornwall
Mother's Day

Five minutes with Sophie Price

Over the years Sophie's been sharing pictures of her and her mum with her favourite Cream products. We thought it was time to catch up with her as she approaches her first Mother's Day as a mum. 

What are you planning to do for Mother's Day this year?

This year will be my first Mother’s Day with Albert and I’m so excited! Sometimes I still can’t get my head around how I’m now responsible for this little human, It feels so surreal! I absolutely adore him and every day there is something new to navigate.

This Mother’s Day we’ll be away on a little cabin trip so it will be just me, Harry and Albert spending the day together – we’ll catch up with both our Mums’ in the morning over Whatsapp Video, go for a walk in the sticks, grab some food and have a chilled day.

When you go to your mum's house, how do you feel? 

I love getting out of London and travelling back to my parent’s house, it almost feels like a sense of release, especially when I’m driving through the little villages on the way down – it’s so pretty and scenic. My  parents live by the sea, and at night if I open the window in my bedroom I can hear the sea, it’s so relaxing and calming.

Everyone at home always offers to help me with Albert, and I do really appreciate it, I’ll be the first one to admit it’s nice have some time to yourself, and to feel like you again. 

Sophie Price and mother imageWe believe that it's important to surround yourself with beautiful things that make you feel happy. What makes your home a sanctuary for you?

My Mum influences a lot of my interior choices, I always remember her having interior magazines at home when I was younger, and her recreating what she’d see in the pages - that being said, I now do exactly the same! For me having a home that has a warm feeling to it is key – I love paintings, books and throws, cushions and candles, all of which give me a sense of happiness, and I think it’s important to feel this in your own surroundings.

Sophie Price and her mum drinking from Cream Cornwall mugFor us, the coast is such an important part of our life. Do you think it's important to be reminded of the natural world inside your home? 

Yes, absolutely for me the natural world gives me a sense of calm and helps me to reset my mind, and genuinely benefits my mental wellbeing – it’s good for the soul, and what can be better than bringing elements of the natural world into your home.

Have you got a favourite Cream Cornwall product? 

My favourite Cream Cornwall products are the cushions – there’s such a variety of colours and designs that would suit any room! My Mum has a few of them and is obsessed. They are always a talking point when I see her and give the room that extra bit of colour.

Manderley and Rockpool cushions arranged on a bed



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