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Article: The Heroes of your Easter Table

The Heroes of your Easter Table

The Heroes of your Easter Table

We really love this time of year. It feels like that little bit of sunshine has increased our creativity levels and we can see longer days on the horizon!
If you’re into arts and crafts then Easter is probably one of the best excuses you’ll have to get your paint kit out! At Cream over the last week we’ve been planning our own Easter display. 
cream cornwall Easter table decorations
The Egg Decorations
We started by blowing some duck eggs. If you haven’t tried this before, it’s an easy...just slightly messy thing to do! You can buy white duck eggs from most supermarkets, we got ours from Waitrose. Make sure you leave them out of the fridge before you blow them so the yolks are as soft as possible. Find a thick needle, pin or paperclip and carefully tap a hole into the top and bottom of the egg, make sure the needle is long enough to pierce through the yolk in the middle.
Duck Egg Blowing
Make the hole in the bottom of the egg slightly larger than the one in the top, then wipe around the top half of the egg with a clean cloth and blow the insides into a bowl.
Continue to blow out all of the egg yolk and white until nothing's left inside. Then rinse through the egg with warm soapy water and leave somewhere warm to dry. 
When they're dry you can start painting! We used acrylic paints mixed with a little water. 
Duck Egg Painting
Because eggs are an awkward shape to paint, it's easiest if you place them in egg cups or the tops of spice jar lids whilst you paint the top and bottom half.
We decorated half of the eggs in a block colour and the others with a coastal pattern which compliments our Reef design. 
If you’d like a more detailed pattern on your eggs, with finer lines, then watercolour pencils are really handy for adding definition!
Watercolour painting eggs
After the paint has dried, it’s time to make a little wire hoop to hang the egg from. We just cut a small piece of gardening wire about 4cm long and twisted it. We then poked the sharp end into the top hole of the egg and glued it in place so it didn’t fall out.
Wire Hoop In Duck Egg
Next, choose your favourite ribbons to thread through the wire and then your eggs are ready to be hung! As well as hanging eggs on the branches we also kept four of them plain white and chipped away the top half to make a little 'eggshell vase' to display spring flowers in our cute egg cups.
close up of painted eggs
The Blossom Garland
Hanging a garland over an Easter table creates a real show stopper and a talking point for your diners. It’s also perfect for displaying your painted eggs on!
You can use either real or faux branches to create a garland. We’ve used our own faux cherry blossom and catkin stems. The first thing for you to think about is how long you’d like it to be and what shape. If you lie the branches on top of the table you’d like the display to be above, that’ll make it easier for you to decide. We used a dark green gardening wire to tie the stems together. 
Attaching wire to blossom
Make sure you tie the joining stems in a few different places and keep holding it up to check the weight is even on both sides. We used two thick pieces of ribbon to hang our display from. You’ll need a low ceiling with hooks on to tie the ribbons in place, make sure it’s secure and can take the weight of the branches before you hang the display. 
Hanging blossom garland
When you’re happy with the height of the branches above the table it's time to tie on the painted eggs! We arranged the colours evenly and at different heights along the branches and also popped a few in a nest in the middle of the table. 
Now it gets even more fun as you can start to tablescape with your favourite table linen, crockery and napkins to get your Easter display exactly how you want it!
close up of seahorse eggcup
 We love how adorable these little eggshell vases look in each egg cup and we folded our Reef napkins into little Easter bunnies! Here’s a REEL to show how it’s done if you’d like to do the same.

We hope you now feel inspired to go and create your own displays! Please share your Easter creations with us, especially if you’re using some of our products. If you're looking for a gorgeous walk to do over the Easter long weekend and are in Cornwall then perhaps be guided by a few of our favourites - Mylor to Flushing, the Roseland Peninsula or perhaps a coastal walk to Grebe beach. No matter which you choose, a walk is the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs and catch up with family and friends. 


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Rachel bell

So inspiring, we love this idea and have got really carried away setting up a design in the hallway for this year especially! Unfortunately our friends are unable to come into the house 🏠 this year, so working on a larger display for next year!

Patricia Morris

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