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Article: 5 'Feel Good' Changes You Can Make At Home: 1- Mood Lighting

5 'Feel Good' Changes You Can Make At Home: 1- Mood Lighting

5 'Feel Good' Changes You Can Make At Home: 1- Mood Lighting

How our homes are lit, especially in the evenings, can really have an impact on our ability to relax. If you currently just have ceiling or wall lights in your sitting room and bedroom, then you should consider investing in some softer lighting. Lamps and candles enable us to set the mood of a room. They create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere and the warm glow they give off genuinely makes a room feel warmer. 

A trend for 2021 is ‘neon brights’ and our range of colourful patterned Reef lampshades and Glass tea-light holders are the perfect accessories to help you create this look. 
Sitting Room
We recommend having at least two table lamps, or a floor lamp and a table lamp in your sitting room. This enables you to choose which areas of the room you want lit up and helps to zone it. In a practical sense, lighting the corner behind where your TV sits will put less strain on your eyes and make it easier to watch for longer periods. 

Whereas, illuminating alcoves or dark corners elsewhere in the room helps to add character and create depth. The shadows that are created on opposite walls also add visual interest and drama.
Floor lamps placed in the corner of a room help to provide height and light up higher points of the room. When paired with a single armchair, floor lamps look very smart and are an ideal light to sit beneath with your favourite novel.
Sofa side tables are also handy places for a lamp, especially when sitting down with family to chat, eat or relax with a beverage. 
Tea-lights placed on window ledges create beautiful reflections in the windowpane. They also look stunning on top of mirrored furniture, the coloured bubbled glass of our tea-lights refracts against shiny surfaces to make beautiful patterns. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, placing candles on the hearth and around the wood burner adds to the drama of the flames below.

Your bedroom should preferably have a lamp on each bedside table to create symmetry. Bedside lamps are essential if you love reading, but it’s also handy to have a lamp switch close by at night so you needn't leave your warm bed and fumble for the wall switch.
Image of Byron crab cushion and lampshade
Another good place for a lamp or candles in the bedroom is on top of a chest of drawers or dressing table. If you're pottering in and out of your bedroom in the evening it’s nice to have part of the room lit which isn’t your bed. It helps to zone your bedroom and make it multi-functional, not just for sleeping!
With regards to bulbs, we would recommend investing in some warm LEDs, these will create a cosy glow to each room. They are also a lot less harsh on your eyes than a bright white light. Choosing slow burning tea-light candles are not only cost effective but also more practical, meaning you can relax for longer without re-lighting! Our gorgeous glass tea-lights are the perfect addition.

Have a go at creating some colourful mood lighting in your own home and don't forget to tag us @creamcornwall 

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