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Article: Choosing the right fragrance - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

Beachcomber Scented Long Lasting candle

Choosing the right fragrance - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

When you walk into a room in your home that has a scent you love, it makes such a difference to your mood and also your perception of the room. Feeling happier in a room also helps you to imagine the space better and decide how you might like to decorate it!

Different rooms in your home suit different scents. Although a lot of it is personal preference, if you think about how you use each room in your home, that will help you choose which scent will work best. Your bedroom is a place you go to unwind and relax, so a subtle, warming scent might suit best. Your downstairs living area/kitchen space is a place where you entertain and so you might want something a little fresher and more invigorating.
Luxury scented Reef Diffuser Long lasting and candle
Having a gorgeous scent as you enter each room, as well as being a lovely sensory experience, is also practical if there are any unwanted odours in you home, from pets for example.

Now you’ve decided the rooms you’d like to be more fragrant and the sort of scent you might like, it’s time to think about HOW you’re going to do it.


If you’d like your room to have a constant fragrant smell, then a diffuser is probably the best choice. Using a diffuser with essential oils is a great way to improve memory, cognitive function and focus. They create a soothing effect when you're stressed, helping you to level out your mood and 'feel good.' Our own diffusers come in six different scents and have a 120ml bottle of fragrance which fills each little blue and white bone china jug with enough to refill by one and a half times.  We work with a British perfumer and use a soy base which inhibits evaporation, giving you a minimum of 6 months enjoyment. You can have a browse of our full diffuser range here.

Luxury long lasting scented refillable diffuser


If you’d rather limit the fragrance to certain times of the day, like the evenings, then a scented candle would suit you better. Our own candles are made from a lovely mixture of rapeseed and coconut eco wax, they’re triple scented and have a 50 hour burn time. We're very lucky to be able to say that we make our own candles in-house. If you'd like to see the process (it's very therapeutic to watch) then click here.

Long lasting scented bone china coastal Beachcomber candle
Rebecca’s personal favourite is the Storm’s Brewing candle as it has some of her favourite notes including tea tree, juniper, rose, neroli and jasmine.
Allison loves the Stargazey Candle, It brings back nostalgic memories for her as it was the first design she and Rebecca had printed onto a votive. She really likes the aromas of pink peppercorn, cardamom and pomegranate, which, as well as creating a warm feeling and making you feel cosy, also smells great on a hot summer’s day.

We had a little chat on the sofa about our fragrance range and how it all began on our IGTV which you can watch here.

It's a real bonus that as well as having an amazing scent, both our diffusers and candles look the part as they come in our stunning blue and white bone china jug and votive, which you won’t want to hide away behind a picture frame!

Room Spray

If you’re looking for more of an instant fragrance, a room spray is a good place to start. This way you can spritz your favourite scent wherever and whenever you need it, on the go!

Cream Cornwall Room Spray

We have three different scents available in our room sprays, depending what you’re after. Choose from a classic, refreshing clean blend of Reef. The intoxicating scent of sea sprays and masculine wood notes which is the Lamorna scent or Nadelik Lowen, which is the ultimate festive fragrance and means Happy Christmas in Cornish! If you want a more thorough overview of our fragrances then click here.


A final and really simple way to add scent, as well as colour to your home is by adding fresh flowers! They’re beautiful to look at and are a great way to bring some of the outdoors inside, which we have all found important lately.

Bone China Beachcomber coastal design jug

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with seasonal flowers growing in it, then picking a bunch every now and then and placing them on your kitchen table or window sill is a lovely way to bring a bit of spring inside. At the moment in Cornwall we’re spoilt with camellia bushes and fields of daffodils! Here are some jonquils which Rebecca has styled at home with our Beachcomber medium jug.

We hope you enjoy thinking about how you use each room in your home and deciding how you would like to fragrance them. If you need any help on deciding which fragrance would be best for you, just ask and we will happily help you!


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