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Article: Create A Shelfie - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

Create A Shelfie - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

Create A Shelfie - 5 'Feel Good' changes you can make at home

Sometimes, when decorating our homes, we focus so much on getting the big things right in a room, that we forget about the smaller, more decorative items. A blank wall, even if it's painted or papered, can stick out like a sore thumb and still seem bare. 

Adding a dresser or some shelving that you can display pieces of your favourite crockery, pottery and accessories on really helps create an interest, as well as a talking point in the room. It’s also the perfect way to add accents of colour.
We're going to show you three simple ways to arrange your favourite things, it's really easy and fun to do!

After you've chosen the place you would like to arrange your items it’s time to think about HOW you want like to arrange them... and it’s not as easy as placing them down randomly! 

It’s rare to have a ‘good eye’ when styling ornaments, practice makes perfect. But there are also a few rules of thumb when deciding on placement to create the perfect 'shelfie'.

Height plays a big part in the importance we place on objects. The pyramid formula, which is often used as a visual merchandising technique in retail spaces, uses differing levels of height to draw your eye around objects. Starting with the most important and tallest object in the middle of the triangle. Each object gets shorter and attracts less attention as your eyes reach the bottom left and right ends of the shape. 
Pyramid shelfie diagram
Allison has used the pyramid formula to create this look in her bathroom at home. Using a selection of our corals as well as her own accessories, she has created height in the middle of the display by using our fan coral stems to highlight the stunning shell mirror on the wall. By decreasing the height of the coastal accessories on either side of the stems, the viewers eye is slowly drawn down the sides of the display. 
Allison pyramid shelfie
Another effective way to style is by using the method of layering. By placing objects in front of as well as on top of each other, you can create a sense of depth and captivate your guests. It also helps your shelfie to look less staged and more organic.  It’s a useful way to create hierarchy and a sense of belonging too. Placing your most treasured objects at the front of a layer brings attention to them and shows them off. 
Layers shelfie diagram
Here, Rebecca has used the layering method to style this corner of her home in three different ways. She has placed flowers in jugs to add extra height and situated each object in front of one another, creating a really colourful display. She has a varied collection of art, corals and ceramics which when grouped together create a gorgeous eclectic look.
Rebecca layering shelfie
Odd Numbers
It’s a characteristic of humans to look for patterns in everything. When we spot an anomaly that breaks a pattern, we are forced to take notice of it. This theory also applies to objects. If you have a look at the drawing below, there are a variety of shapes coupled together and then a group of three shapes on the right. 
Odd numbers object layout
Which group are you drawn to the most? It's probably the group of three on the right. This is a really good styling technique if there are particular accessories that you want to draw attention to. 
Vicki has taken a photo of her shelving unit at home to show us how she uses this method. She has grouped the octopus jug and coral as a pair and the candlestick and conch together. But the white shell, pampas grass and bottle on the right stand as a three. Although the groups that are paired both use colour, the group on the right still attracts the viewers attention due to the odd number of items.

Shelfie with octopus jug and candlestick

We hope you enjoyed these shelfie tips and tricks. If you follow some of these rough guidelines they will help you to create an insta-worthy space in your home that looks effortless!

Please share your ‘shelfie worthy’ displays with us and tag us @creamcornwall 

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