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Article: How to make Easter Napkin Settings

How to create the perfect table and napkin settings this Easter with our Tablescaping

How to make Easter Napkin Settings

As you know, we love creating beautiful tablescapes and with Easter fast approaching we thought we’d share a very simple and cute napkin arrangement for your Easter table.
Easter Tablescaping with beautiful bone china reef design and beachcomber china. Coastal inspired homewares.
These rabbit ear napkin settings look gorgeous when placed on each person’s table setting and they're sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Easter Table Napkin Settings How to Create the Perfect Table

What you need:

  • A linen or cotton napkin in the colour/design of your choice
  • An egg of some description…it could be a real egg that you’ve blown, a plastic egg or a chocolate egg
  • Ribbon  - we love using velvet ribbon, but any type will do 

How to make your Easter Napkins:

Place your napkin on a flat surface and fold it diagonally until it looks like a long sausage with floppy ends (these become the rabbit ears)

Get your chosen egg and place it on your plate.

Wrap the napkin around the egg and make sure that the loose floppy ends are above the egg.

Cut your ribbon so that it is long enough to make a bow around the napkin itself and then pull it tightly to make a single knot and then finish making the bow.

Voila! You’ve made your rabbit ears napkin settings. If you want to follow our video on how to do it then just click here.
Create the perfect Easter table with this easy napkin arrangement
Add some other key pieces to your table such as a floral display such as the one we've used, perhaps some gorgeous candles and serving dishes and you'll create a table that no-one will want to leave. 

Happy Creating!

Rebecca & Allison X

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