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Article: Falmouth Tall Ships 2023 - Magellan Elcano.

Falmouth Tall Ships 2023  - Magellan Elcano.
Summer Events

Falmouth Tall Ships 2023 - Magellan Elcano.

official print of Falmouth Tall Ships event 2023 by John Dyer

 The official print of Falmouth's Tall Ships event 2023 by John Dyer. You can purchase this beautiful print here 

We’re all getting excited as the much-anticipated Tall Ships are coming back to our beautiful harbour very soon, bringing with them a vibrant festival of maritime celebration that promises to be a highlight of the summer season. The actual race will leave from Falmouth on August 18th at 3pm and the fleet will then follow a course which ends in Cadiz on September 9th.

CUAUHTEMOC Tall Ship Falmouth 2023

Tall Ship Cuauhtemoc coming to Falmouth in August 2023

From the 15th to 18th August 2023, Falmouth will host a series of celebratory shoreside events, culminating in the "Parade of Sail" on the final day. This sees all the racing ships taking sail in unison, creating an unforgettable scene on the water. It really is amazing to see and it makes me think of what the harbour must have looked like in the heyday of the Packet ships. Everyone who has a boat will be out on the water, soaking up the atmosphere of this amazing event. And if you don't have a boat, there are ways of getting up close to these amazing ships, Fal River have boats available who will be going out to watch the Parade of Sail. 

going out for the parade of sail

The harbour is alive with boats of all sizes! Photo Credit Mike Ward

The event is organised by the Sail Training Association who do an incredible job of organising all the Tall Ships events around the world and give so many young people a chance to sail on one of these ships and walk off it a changed person. Growing in self confidence with new life skills, being able to participate really is a life changing event. Please read more about it here.

Tall Ship coming to Falmouth 2023

Dar Mlodziezy Tall Ship is coming to Falmouth 2023 

Falmouth's natural harbour is an impressive sight that is known for its unique attributes. As the third largest natural harbour in the world, this extraordinary expanse of water is a defining feature of the local landscape. It’s been both the start and finish point of circling voyages that broke world records. Figures such as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Dame Ellen MacArthur have embarked or ended their celebrated trips from this very location, using Falmouth as their pivotal point of global navigation.

Ellen McArthur arriving in Falmouth

Ellen Macarthur arrives in Falmouth in 2005 after her record breaking single handed sail around the world. Thousands of people came out to meet her! Photo by Rod Allday.

Our harbour, together with the Carrick Roads, is not only an amazing natural asset but has become an iconic symbol of Falmouth's rich maritime history. It’s perfect for sailing with so many places to explore safely and all the gorgeous creeks, beaches and of course pubs, that can be accessed from the harbour.

Falmouth harbour

Photo Credit: 3 Deep Aerial/PPL

The Tall Ships Races are no ordinary sailing event. Everyone is so excited to see these magnificent ships grace our waters for the first time in almost a decade. The parading their towering masts and billowing sails against a panorama of natural beauty.
There's something so special about these ships, each holding their own stories of exploration, maritime prowess, and human endeavour.

tall ships in falmouth harbour

For locals and visitors alike, August 2023 promises a celebration of Falmouth's maritime prowess, seen through the lens of the awe-inspiring Tall Ships Races. As we look forward to their arrival, we can only imagine the thrill of one of the world's most impressive natural harbours filled with the spectacle of these magnificent sailing vessels

falmouth 2023tall ships

We really hope you can visit us here in Falmouth and enjoy the atmosphere. There are tours of the ships which from personal experience, are really worth doing. You can get your tickets online here. There’s a great website which has all the information you could need. Tall ships tours in Falmouth 2023

Photo Credit Daniel Ramirez

Please come and say hello to us in our shop and maybe you fancy a little momento of the event with one of our exclusive Tall ships mugs?! Had to give them a plug and they are really gorgeous!

Bone China Tall Ships Mug by Cream Cornwall

 Looking forward to welcoming you to Falmouth,

Rebecca & Allison  X





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