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Article: Spring Cleaning with Cream Cornwall

Spring Cleaning with Cream Cornwall

Spring Cleaning with Cream Cornwall

While we hate to admit it, a small element of Spring Cleaning may have to involve a feather duster and some polish. It hardly bears thinking about! This being said, we find that the refreshing effect of a good spring clean can also come from having a rearrange of your furniture and making some new additions to your household.

Here at Cream Cornwall, we know exactly how to give your home the refresh it needs, just in time for spring. By making a few simple additions to your home, you can completely refresh the space, giving it that lively, revived feel that comes part and parcel of spring!

The Allotment Collection

The best part of spring is undeniably the regrowth of the great outdoors: the trees have leaves again, wildlife ventures back outside and gorgeous flowers begin to bloom. We may have a penchant for sand and sea here at Cream Cornwall, but we can still appreciate the beauty of nature’s revival, which is exactly what we aimed to encompass with our Allotment Collection. Featuring a colourful cornucopia of fruit and vegetables, with beautiful line drawings of Victorian garden tools, our Allotment Collection has pieces for almost every room of the house, and is the perfect way to welcome spring.

Matchy Matchy

A wonderful way to get a bit more organised and refreshed in time for spring is to coordinate your belongings, creating a consistent theme throughout the house. Whatever design you pick, our products feature pieces for every room of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom, so your theme can continue steadily throughout. Personally, we adore our Maritime Collection, inspired by the beautiful seas of Cornwall.

Organic Elegance

One of the best parts of spring is appreciating the world around us in all it’s glory. We love nothing more than adding a natural touch to our home and welcoming the outside in, but prefer to do it without exploiting our environment one little bit. Our decorative range of home accessories is inspired by our captivating oceans, featuring replicas of shells and creatures from every corner of the ocean floor. What better way to celebrate spring than by paying a homage to nature?

We hope we’ve inspired you to celebrate spring by welcoming the great outdoors into your home. Whatever you prefer, be it fish or flowers, we have the perfect home accessories to freshen up your home, just in time for spring!


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Hi just wondering if you still had the blue grey colour Armchair and if it has gone down in price since beginning of the year… This is a long shot but though would ask I came in and spoke to a gentleman form Manchester or near I am from Sale.
please could you let me know

Regards julia

Julia evans

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