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Article: Room Healing – An Interior Trend Gaining Traction

Healing your home with gorgeous cushions and interiors

Room Healing – An Interior Trend Gaining Traction

When thinking about interior design trends, our minds often wander to the visual— considerations about colour palettes, furniture silhouettes, and statement pieces. However, the latest innovation in this field incorporates more than just the visible. Say hello to "Room Healing", a trend that takes the connection between our environment and our emotional well-being into the spotlight.

Room Healing is a fresh concept in the design sphere, pulling together ideas from traditional interior design and nuances of emotional and spiritual well-being. This exciting approach underlines the belief that our surroundings are an extension and mirror of our inner states, and by curating our environment, we can positively influence our feelings, thought processes, and general health.Shipwreck cushion creating a moody atmosphere with large plant in backgroundIf you’re anything like me, you feel so much better when you’ve pulled everything out and had a good sort out. This is especially true after Christmas. It’s always a bit depressing when you take the lights down; everything seems so dull. It’s cold outside and the days are short. But it’s not forever and already in Cornwall, we’ve got daffodils and camellias out, which brighten everything up.

This is a 
great time of year to get your home ready to welcome in the spring. If you can’t be bothered to paint, just take everything out and really think about what you love, are you only keeping things because they fill a space?

It’s time to think about the way you want to feel when 
you walk into your house. I’ve always been a great believer that your home should be like the best hotel you’ve stayed at. Great bedlinen, think towels, a candle, some fresh flowers or leaves from the hedgerow. All these things are within everyone’s budget. Caring about your environment is a sign that you’re happy within yourself and if you’re not, then a good clear out is very cathartic.
Beachcomber bone china with jonquils on white shelf
One of the guiding principles of Room Healing is the power of colours. Just like in art therapy, every colour in room healing has a unique significance and impact on our psyche. Invigorating warm tones like sunny yellows, fiery reds, or energetic oranges tend to impart vitality and stimulation, making them perfect for spaces meant for socialising and creativity, like the living room. On the other hand, cool shades — think serene blues, refreshing greens, or calming aquas —bring a sense of peace and tranquillity, making them a go-to choice for rooms meant for rest and relaxation, like bedrooms and bathrooms. But like everything, colour is a personal choice and you might like to be surrounded by shades of blue, like me!

Lampshade with white wood framed mirror and gorgeous chest of drawers
Next, Room Healing underscores the importance of natural light. Sunshine is a key source of Vitamin D, and bathing your space in natural light can instantly uplift your mood, aid in better sleep, and foster overall well-being. Translucent window treatments that allow maximum daylight and mirror placements that help to disperse this light evenly around the room are practical applications of room healing's fondness for embracing nature’s lantern. Having spent a long time living in Australia, I love light rooms and am always happy when we’ve passed the shortest day and know that Spring is on its way. Having said all this, I like nothing better than lighting the fire, drawing the curtains and listening to the rain on the window!

Space planning in Room Healing extends beyond merely ensuring functionality or an appealing layout. Much like the principles of Feng Shui, Room Healing advises a space plan that summons a harmonious circulation of energy, which can both uplift your comfort and productivity levels. Maintaining uncluttered, clear pathways and visual sight-lines can facilitate balanced energy flow, leading to a more serene and amicable environment. It’s always so easy to over clutter space, just one more table or chair, but sometimes less is more. I am a great believer in Feng Shui and finding a natural balance in a room.
Woollen shell throw in light blue with scallop cushions
But what would Room Healing be without some actual healers?
Enter houseplants. Incorporating greenery in your space does more than just add a pop of colour. Plants are natural air purifiers, they absorb toxins and release oxygen, making your space healthy and revitalising. Plus, certain species are known to reduce stress and promote calm.

Finally, Room Healing encourages personalisation filled with meaning. Incorporate elements that resonate with your personal journey, everything from family photos, souvenirs from memorable journeys to a favourite throw or candle. These personal totems can incite a wave of positive emotions and happiness, making your space truly feel like 'home'.
Rockpool arm chair with pink Chambray cushion, gold sconce and pink candle
In essence, Room Healing gives interior design a whole new dimension, making it a holistic practice that goes beyond aesthetics. It's about creating an environment that caters to your emotional needs and nurtures your inner self, turning your living space into a sanctuary that is truly your own. By embracing Room Healing, you are not just designing a house; instead, you are carefully crafting a personal haven.

Rebecca X

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