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Ship, Lighthouse & Kraken Lampshade

Sale price$64.00

We decided to combine a classic maritime tattoo, the ship with our most popular sea creature, the Octopus or Kraken to decorate this unique lampshade. We love the symbolism and the language that goes hand in hand with tattoos, they are an inked diary of a sailor’s maritime adventures.

Please read all about our Sailor's Story collection and the meanings of all these fascinating tattoo's here 

Please note that we cannot send lampshades to any country outside of the EU. Unfortunately our lampshades are too expensive to ship as although light, volumetrically they are huge and cost a lot!

Soft yellow chest of drawers next to a bed with a glossy white lamp base and lighthouse & kraken tattoo inspired design. There is a small jug with swallows and anchor design with red roses next to the lamp.
Ship, Lighthouse & Kraken Lampshade Sale price$64.00